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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A library of Gammatone Filterbanks in Python

I have already programmed gammatone filterbanks several times in MATLAB, but in for some recent work I needed a specific one (the One-Zero Gammatone filterbank) [Katsiamis, 2006] in Python.
Gammatone impulse responses, in time domain

In addition, I wanted my "old" FIR GTFB (from my Ph.D. Thesis) to be in there as well as the GTFB of a former colleague here in Oldenburg [Chen, 2015].  So I packed them all up in a library - I also wanted to learn how to make a PyPI compatible Python library.

This is a work in progress. The gammatone filterbanks mentioned are there, but momentarily I don't have time to polish the code; furthermore, I'd like to eventually add the Slaney GTFB and the Hohmann GTFB - not to mention the structure needs more cleanup.  Consider this v0.01, for educational purposes. You can find it on github.

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