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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back in Montreal

After a very nice vacation in Chile*, I am finally back in Montreal. This means that the temporary hiatus is now over. In fact I have several things to do now that my studies are officially done: write up more of my research (to get more journal publication), hunt for a job (specifically a post-doc position, for which I need a stronger publication record), deal with family issues, and general upkeep of the abode (summer came while I was away)!

And yes, it is time to get back into the whole blogging thing.  The SIDshield is on the top of this list - I'll be getting parts to add the oscillator on-board and the 5V-12V boost circuit running.  That should be good fun.

Then there is the parts of an old Yamaha CS-01 I have kicking around... that should be fun to hack with.

And there is an Amiga 1200 I'm supposed to pick up one of these days.  I'm getting it in exchange for my Amiga 3000 and a Mac SE/30, in order to reduce the size of my collection a bit, but I'll need to drive down to Vermont to get it.  Now that the weather is nice, that should happen fairly soon.  Then I can play with OctaMED again, the way it's supposed to be done.

There are many more things to keep myself occupied with.  In any case, this could be an exciting summer.  And a busy one.

(*) Chile and a bit of Argentina, too.  As mentioned in a previous post, photos are on Picasa Web here, and we are writing more detailed descriptions on a new blog here, starting with this post.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hiatus update: Out of Patagonia, still in Chile

A brief update about the hiatus.  I am now in Valdivia, Chile, enjoying the sunshine of the southern fall. We will be heading to Pucon next for some hiking and camping, then head for Valparaiso, then La Serena, and finally San Pedro de Atacama before heading back to Santiago and then home to Montreal.  My picasa site is being updated with pictures as we go along (yay for my Netbook!)

Pictures on Picasa Web