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Friday, July 5, 2013

Multilevel Non-negative Matrix Factorisation à la FASST

The main graphical description of the FASST
NMF procedure from Alexei's paper [1] 

A particularly useful technique I got acquainted with at my old PostDoc position is the use of Non-negative Matrix Factorisation (NMF), in particular how it is being used in the FASST toolbox. While the FASST toolbox is a great comprehensive framework for source separation, its inner workings are a bit obtuse.  At my new group here in Oldenburg, my colleagues are interested in NMF - but rather than ripping it out of FASST, I decided to simply reimplement the key algorithm used (it's not very hard). The final MATLAB code can be found here, with a quick test script here (oh, and you'll need this function for testing as well). Read on for full explanation...