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Friday, February 1, 2013

Blog updates (why it hasn't and why it will)

Ok, I admit this post has been spurred on since there is actually a comment asking "why hasn't this updated?", and how I decide to post an update anyways.  (I've tried twice to reply directly to the comment in the comments section, but blogger ate my reply... no clue why!).

Hmmmm, Arduino or Raspberry Pi?
Which one shall I play with?
The simple answer is that I put up a post a) when I feel I have something significant to post and b) I have time to post.  And lately I have been very busy, both with my work and in my personal life. In a very good way.

Yes, my last post was in October.  Since then there was an ICASSP deadline (result will be known end of February), an ICA deadline, and early March is the deadline for EUSIPCO. Last Monday we had a deadline for some internal documentation.  Oh, and since my Postdoc contract ends in July I'm hunting for a new job, which means I'm also spending time on applying places (and being interviewed already!)

In December we visited family in Maastricht (in the Netherlands) and Kitchener, ON, and experienced the joys of transatlantic air travel with an infant.  We even managed to visit Montreal for a few days around new years day.

But eventually I should get to play with my toys again.  Maybe even with some help :-)  In the meantime, I will post some stuff on my work results (esp. the DEMAND array and the ICA paper - which is on the DEMAND database).  Real soon now.