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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hiatus update: Thesis is now on-line

A bit of an update with regard to my "hiatus" (as mentioned earlier): I have (successfully!) defended my Ph.D. Thesis and made the corrections requested by the reviewer and committee.  The thesis (A Sparse Auditory Envelope Representation with Iterative Reconstruction for Audio Coding) can be found on the homepage of the TSP lab (under "Theses", or follow the link above).  In the meantime I am in Santiago de Chile, on my way to Patagonia.  The trip details don't really fit on this blog, and besides - I plan to enjoy the hiking without worrying about writing about it!  Pictures will be on my regular website and Picasa once I'm back in Montreal.

UPDATE 2011/11/22: I have now also posted the MATLAB code for my thesis work, see the post here.