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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Post-Docs and Conferences

A poster session at ICA 2013
It's a bit odd.  I'm at ICA 2013 in Montreal right now, and as a Post-Doc, I kind of feel I should be here mostly to be angling for future employment.  In a sort-of kinda way I am, but long-term...

This time around, I tell people I'm "in between Post-Docs" - and it's not an euphemism for being out of a job.  I am here, visiting my old (adopted) hometown, having literally left Rennes and heading to Oldenburg in a few days.  My soon-to-be supervisor and several of my future colleagues are also attending, and it's nice being able to show them a bit of my former haunts before I go to my new home.  Meanwhile all my furniture (a family of 3 has a lot of that, BTW) is currently in some storage space in Rennes or possibly Paris, and the moving truck is supposed to arrive in Oldenburg the same day we all get there - so never mind jet-lag, there are boxes to be moved! (And a washer, fridge, bed, ...)  Good times.