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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The MATLAB code for my Thesis

To my shock and surprise, it turns out that someone other than my committee has actually been reading my thesis.  In fact, Mr. Gao Ge (高戈) of Wuhan University has been looking into my work in such detail that a typographical mistake in Eq. 5.2 was discovered: it should read
$f_m = \frac{1000}{4.37}(10^{\frac{ERB_m}{21.4}}-1)$
which he discovered by comparing the thesis with my 2007 INTERSPEECH paper. (For those of you for whom the math is not displaying correctly, that's f_m = 1000/4.37 (10^(ERB_m/21.4)-1): the exponentiation is kinda important...)  I thank Mr. Gao for his vigilance.

As part of his questions, he has asked if he could see the MATLAB code I used to do my simulations.  Now, the code was mostly over a year old, not very clean and distributed all over the file system of my computer, but I decided it's worth the effort to try to collect it all in case someone else wants to continue research in a similar direction.  And I finally sat down and did just that, and as of now, you can find it here or here.  But no, the code is still not very clean.  However, it seems to run - all you need extra AFAIK is the Signal Processing Toolbox.  You also need to supply your own mono, 16 kHz sampled wave file, which you need to point to in line 64 of RunThesisCode.m.

I'm putting this code out there under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, and make absolutely no claim that this code is useable for any purpose whatsoever, nor that it is an accurate representation of what I used to run the tests.  However, I hope that the code will be useful to understand the ideas I'm trying to explain in my thesis.

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  1. So, what happened to your thesis? I think it always good to get someone or somebody to see the paper before submitting. It would help so that they can spot errors and mistake about the thesis topic ideas that might be overlooked. Anyway, I do hope everything went well with your paper.