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Monday, May 5, 2014

Spatial properties of DEMAND

One of the nice plots from the presentation,
which didn't make it into the paper for space
reasons. The plots show the fit of the measured
coherence to the theoretical prediction.
Here is my primary DAGA 2014 paper, where I examine some of the intermicrophone coherence of the DEMAND recordings.  Also, I experiment a little with calibration, using multidimensional scaling.  Not much one can squeeze into two pages.

The presentation was a bit of a bust - they put me in a session more about policy and noise pollution etc. ("Psychoakustik - Lärmschutzpolitik"), so there was not much useful interaction.  Oh well, it happens.

The paper is here, and the presentation slides here.  This might be quite useful if you're using DEMAND.  The question if anyone is actually using DEMAND (other than me) is still open - I would love to hear from anyone who is.

A bit more interesting is a paper written by a M.Sc. student in our lab, on the test results of a hearing aid algorithm we've been working on. The paper is "Erhaltung der räumlichen Wahrnehmung bei Störgeräuschreduktion in Hörgeräten", by Menno Müller, Joachim Thiemann, Daniel Marquardt, Simon Doclo and Steven van de Par, and the method we use to do binaural noise reduction with preservation of spatial awareness is outlined.  A more detailed paper has been submitted to EUSIPCO 2014, and in about 2 or 3 weeks I should find out if that has been accepted.