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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello Lisbon! EUSIPCO 2014, here I come!

Downtown Lisbon, picture by
Keiran Thomas via Wikimedia Commons
As hinted in a previous post, together with Menno Müller I had a paper submitted to EUSIPCO 2014, and yesterday we finally got the review results.  It got accepted by all reviewers, and several of those six (SIX!?!!) really liked the paper, so naturally I'm pleased as punch about it.  And of course I'm already looking into how to get to Lisbon and what else to go see when I'm there.  So while I can't publish the paper on my own homepage until after the conference is over (and besides, the reviewers did ask for some minor corrections that I still have to put in), I can now refer to: J. Thiemann, M. Müller, and S. van de Par, "A Binaural Hearing Aid Speech Enhancement Method Maintaining Spatial Awareness for the User", to be presented at EUSIPCO 2014.