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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Moving my research and projects homepage

As mentioned in a previous post, I am currently finishing up my work at McGill University, and then start a postdoc with the METISS Speech and audio data modelling and processing group at the Universite de Rennes 1.  As a result, I will soon be loosing my webspace at McGill, and had to find a new home for my research descriptions and my other projects.   UPDATE: That link is long dead.

I did investigate various paid hosting methods - and for the minimal amount of traffic I have seen on my homepage, even $5/month would seem excessive.  One alternative is using Amazon to host it (Amazon S3 would probably work well) - but then I found out that bitbucket can host static websites (and it's free!) Since my website is really only about open projects (such as the SIDshield, VHDL experiments, etc. - much of which ends up on this blog, anyways) it's an appropriate site to have my page hosted there, I think.  The only other personal stuff that might need high bandwidth are pictures I like posting - and those I put on Picasa and Panoramio; trip travelogues should go to another blog.

Bitbucket webpage hosting works in a way that I really like.  It's all version controlled, of course, using Mercurial - and the server actually just displays the tip of a specific repository.  This means I can do all the editing on any computer with a clone of the repository; once I am happy with the changes I'll commit and do a "hg push" to bitbucket.  Done.  My previous webpage was also version controlled of course (subversion first, then Mercurial), but I had an extra script I needed to execute to push the new version onto the server, using a pile of scp commands.  A pain if I did't happen to want to copy the private key to the machine I'm on.  UPDATE: yeah, I'm using git now.  Like everyone else.

So, I'll try keeping it there for the time being.  It supports custom domains, then if I register a domain for myself, I can redirect it there.