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Sunday, May 7, 2017

NNResample package on PyPI

In the previous post, I described my filter generation method for scipy.signal.resample_poly, where the filter is designed such that the first null if the filter is on Nyquist.  For easier inclusion into my own projects, I made it into a package as a self-standing function, and then decided to make that my first submission to PyPI.  The package depends only on numpy and scipy>=0.18.0.

So, if you want to use my resampler, you can now simply do `pip install nnresample`. To report bugs, the link to the repository is

I've included one "special feature": since it takes a little time to generate the filter (to search for the null and regenerate the filter afterwards) the generated filter is cached in a global for re-use.

As for the name, since I'm calling it "Null-on-Nyquist Resampler", the obvious name should be non-resample, but I think that could be confusing...

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