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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A progress bar for MATLAB scripts

Here is another helpful little MATLAB script written by Prof. Kabal where I made a small modification. The script is basically a wrapper around MATLAB's  waitbar function, displaying a typical progress bar such as pretty much every program in the existence of GUIs has ever had.

Using a single function, you set it up first with
ProgressBar(Frac, Delta, Title)
where Delta or Title are optional: default values are 0.01 and an empty title. Frac is the starting fraction of completion; typically this will be 0.

You update the value with
which will only update the window if the display will change by more than Delta: So, if Delta is 0.05, the display will only be redrawn if it changes the display by more than 5%.

Finally, call the function without arguments to close the pop-out window.

I made a simple modification to check if we really have a screen to display to: if not, the update operation displays a simple percentage on stdout (also controlled by Delta). I made this modification since I tend to run tasks remotely using ssh and screen.  I found the code to check for a display here.

Get the script here: ProgressBar.m