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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SIDshield prototype almost done

I've finally gotten around to doing some electronics again, and finished wiring up the full prototype of the SIDshield for Arduino.  Soldering and wiring got done yesterday, later today I will go over the whole thing very carefully to check for shorts and broken connections/wires, make sure GND and power are everywhere they're supposed to be.  Then, I will plug in everything except for the SID and apply power, to make sure the magic smoke stays in; only then will I plug in the SID since it's a not-easily-replaced chip.

Component side

It's not a "real" schield in this format, but I decided it was better to separate it from the Arduino using a ribbon cable.  Still, the whole thing is in a 8cm x 5cm rectangle.

Solder side
I'll post the results of checking and testing either tonight or tomorrow.
Update: results here.