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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A bit of LaTeX code: placing your documents under a CC license

Distributing digital content with a Creative Commons license is usually a simple affair: decide on the license, and follow the instructions on the website to put it all in there; usually a link and a small png file.

But what if your work is a printed dead-tree document?  What is a visually appealing way to indicate your work is "free" (at least in the beer sense)?

Here is a solution at least if you use LaTeX to typeset your documents.  This was started by my supervisor, Prof. Peter Kabal, and I completed it by adding all the standard CC licenses and cleaning the LaTeX code a little.  The documentation of the package is in pdf format here.  The icons are all svg converted to eps and pdf, so nicely resolution independent.

The package could use some work to make work properly with odd paper sizes.  Email me (or comment below) if that ends up being necessary.