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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Adding math equations in a blogger posting

This this blog is in theory about signal processing, I had a look at how to add equations into posts, something which at first I thought to be pretty straightforward. Ok, I thought that I might have to learn MathML.  Turns out Blogger (on which this blog is hosted) uses plain html rather than htmlx (whatever that may mean) so one has to work around this problem; a quick bit of googling reveals it's a common problem, and there is a "standard" solution: ASCIIMathML.  Following the instructions here, I uploaded the script to my Google site, then added a "Gadget" (in the "Design" tab of the Blogger interface) and added the link to my copy of ASCIIMathML.js.

So does it work?

$X(\omega) = \int_{t=-\infty}^{\infty}x(t)e^{-j\omega t}dt$

Well more or appears your mileage may vary depending on what browser you are using. On Chrome the above does not quite work. Firefox does OK, reconq fails. I'll have to test Safari at home.

Still, it should be usable in most cases.